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Standard crook handle

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The Unbreakable® Umbrella U-115 works just as well as an umbrella as a very sturdy walking stick or cane, without making you look funny or feel awkward. On the contrary, it protects you from rain and if necessary from other elements...! Our Unbreakable® Umbrella has no unusual parts, no more metal than the average umbrella, does not arouse suspicion, can be legally carried anywhere (even where weapons are banned), unlike a walking stick, does not cause strange looks when carried by a healthy person, and protects against rain (it is covered with modern waterproof fabric).

Anyone who can defend themselves with a stick can also use this umbrella. Do you know how to swing a baseball bat? Do you know how to hit with a strong stick? If so, then you know everything you need to know.... Do you practice martial arts such as Hapkido, Jodo, Kendo, Kali, Escrima, Le Baton or La Cane? Do you practice with Chinese weapons or Indian weapons? Then you know even more... and you can really appreciate this Unbreakable® Umbrella.

Our Unbreakable® Umbrellas are handmade in Poland from the highest quality materials and stand up to rain and wind just like the highest quality umbrellas. The frames of the standard Unbreakable® cane umbrellas are machine-made from fibreglass and polyamide. The shafts of these umbrellas can support a weight of well over 100 kg (220 lb). The frames of the Standard Unbreakable® cane umbrellas are guaranteed not to break under normal use (see our five (5) year limited warranty). Each umbrella comes with a fabric cover and two rubber tips.

This umbrella protects against rain and everything else.... Is as sturdy as a steel tube, but weighs only 775 g (1 lb 11.2 oz). May be carried anywhere Never arouses suspicion Doesn't make you look silly, is a fashionable or useful accessory in the rain. Standard UNBREAKABLE® UMBRELLA original self-defence umbrella with rubberised round hook handle. Your umbrella for life. You probably won't need another umbrella in your life.

The standard UNBREAKABLE® UMBRELLA will certainly be a faithful companion for normal use. In addition, the ORIGINAL UNBREAKABLE® UMBRELLA in the standard version is windproof, stable and of the highest quality. The ORIGINAL SELF-DEFENSE SHIELD can not only protect you against wind and weather, but also has an added value that is not to be despised. It offers you protection from attackers. With this umbrella, which packs an enormous punch when used as a defensive weapon, you can send attackers fleeing without them becoming aware of your defences, as a "normal" umbrella would be suspected. The round hook handle with its wide opening offers the possibility in case of defence to hold the attacker by the leg or neck or to bring him down and gives you an invaluable advantage - the surprise of the attacker.

Used as a defensive weapon, it can be used with either the grip side or the umbrella tip, allowing you to keep your distance from the attacker. The limited manufacturer's warranty covers normal use as an umbrella, not damage caused by use as a defensive weapon, in which case the cover or spokes may also be damaged, but only in the case of massive use. The cover is available separately and can be replaced - therefore the ORIGINAL SELF DEFENSE SHIELD can be your umbrella for life.

Be sure to check the authenticity of the UNBREAKABLE® UMBRELLA before you buy - only genuine with the logo - don't fall for plagiarism or imitation. If you are not sure where to buy the umbrella, please have a look at the Information section for more details.

Original Self-Defence Umbrella Standard Unbreakable® Umbrella,

Diameter open: 1194 mm

Length: 959 mm

Weight: 715 gr.

Handle: round hook, structured surface

Cover: 100% polyester, double-layered

Cover: 100% polyester

Roof construction: fibreglass ribs