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Alain Smitie
01.07.2020 16:57

Sheath/bag/pouch for U212s


I have bought a U212 for a few years and I am quite happy with it.
The only problem is used to keep it inside my bag and now I'm changing bag and it doesn't fit inside anymore.
Would you have a suggestion for a sheath/bag (you sell yourself or from somewhere else) I could use to suspend the umbrella outside bag using a carabiner or something like that?
Like something like this with solid loop for carabiner that would fit U212 or anything similar:
(just an example, absorbant part is not necessary)

Best regards
René Spörke
02.08.2020 11:43

AW: Sheath/bag/pouch for U212s

The sheet of U212s is available few pieces. please contact me (email) from imprint. Best regards.